By Tuwa Nov 24, 2012
Exalted on US-Cenarion Circle is having an issue with the posting of our 10 and 25man raids. We are running both 10 & 25man raids and our progress is not updating properly. At times is will show our 10 man progress and at other times our 25man progress. The dates of our first kills for achievements were done by our 10 man raid but have been changed to later dates to reflect out 25man kills. :-(

Currenty we are 5/6 MV normal and 2/6 HoF normal. in our 10 man raid & 4/6 MV normal in our 25man raid. We downed the second boss in HoF on Wed in our 10 man raid and I have done the update several times but we still have not gotten credit for the kill. Please help with these issues.

Thank you.
By Polar Nov 24, 2012
Hi - let's start with your Blade Lord 10m kill. We can only see six characters from your guild with the kill at the moment. Did you have more than this in the raid or did you pug some others?
By Tuwa Nov 24, 2012
Hello Polar,

Thank you for looking into this. We did have 4 pugs with us when we downed the Blade Lord. Here is a WoL link for our kill that lists everyone who was there. I hope it will help.

I thought it only took 4 guild members in the same raid for the guild to get credit for the kill. If this is wrong I apologize for the trouble.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this.

By Tuwa Nov 24, 2012
Thank you for your time Polar. The issue seems to have resolved itself.
By Polar Nov 25, 2012
Glad to hear that it is sorted!
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