By Shahadram Nov 11, 2012
Hey there,
I just found that some characters' alts are not registered correctly. An example of this would be the characters leading the achievement scoreboards on Onyxia-EU and Nazjatar-EU.
Both share the exact same name and have the exact same number of achievement points (since they are on the same acc obviously) but are shown separately. The main is obviously the one on Nazjatar-EU.
I think the problem may be that special character in the name (ø). It's kind of lame that the same person can lead the scoreboard on multiple servers by just creating characters there.

Maybe you could look into that. Thanks. :)
By Polar Nov 11, 2012
Hi - it seems as though it is a character transfer.

Take this for example:

As of writing - both toons are still showing on

It takes a couple of weeks for Blizzard to remove the old character from - as soon as this happens, we will auto-delete the account and they won't show on the Onyxia list any more.
By Shahadram Nov 16, 2012
Thanks for the answer. But I still think there's something strange here.
I've just saw this exact character on Onyxia doing some Archaeology. I still think these are two different characters.
It almost seems as if he copied the character from Onyxia to Nazjatar but somehow kept the one on Onyxia.
I don't know what you could do about it... but there definitely is something fishy here.
By Polar Nov 16, 2012
According to, the Onyxia toon still has not logged on for 2.5 weeks so, yes, something is fishy - and a mystery that I think Blizzard might be interested in.
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