By rumbo Nov 9, 2012
Our guild raids 25-man yet it incorrectly shows us as only having 10man or 25+10man raiding. Can it be fixed to only take into account 25man raiding (alts and guests in the guild can raid 10man).
By rumbo Nov 9, 2012
Bovine Intervention - Khadgar EU (forgot to add EU)
By rumbo Nov 9, 2012
This mainly due to the fact that we use your banners on our site at and our ranking is now 0 suddenly.
By Polar Nov 10, 2012
We are looking into it.

Great guild name btw :)

By Polar Nov 10, 2012
We are only seeing 10 players for your last kill (grand empress) and this is why you are being tagged as a 10m guild:


Did you kill this one on 10 man perhaps?
By rumbo Nov 11, 2012
Thank you :-)

is a link to the log of our 25 man kill (all guild members) on 8 november 2011. Is it prohibited to kill something with guildies on 10man (i.e. that 10 man kill the week before was due to running out of raiding time on 25). The 25 man kill of 8 november is the one we'd like to be ranked on (as in: we normally never raid 10 mans unless altruns)
By Polar Nov 11, 2012
I think this might explain it (from our 'About' page):

... please remember that we track only first-kills. If your guild killed your last progression boss in 10m mode first, then you will not be eligible for the 25m rankings. If the majority of your raiders have pugged their first-kills or have achieved their first-kills prior to joining your guild then we may be unable to determine the mode of your kills (your achievement date will be shown as a '-') and it may exclude you from 25m or 10m rankings. Don't worry too much though - your guild will be back on these rankings as soon as you get your next boss down provided enough guild members get their first-kill during your guild raid.
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