By Razzberry Nov 8, 2012
Shaman off-hand listings are including one-hand weapons, even when trying to browse for Elemental or Restoration gear. Can you add a checkbox to only search for Off-hand only?
By Polar Nov 8, 2012
Before we make any change - let me check, a elemental or resto shaman can still use a regular weapon in the off-hand right? Or is it only enhancement shamans that can do this?
By Flaer02 Nov 8, 2012
Only Enhancement can dual-wield, it's one of their passives as seen in the Specialization Overview in the link below.
By Polar Nov 10, 2012
Got it fixed.

How does it look now?

By Flaer02 Nov 12, 2012
Off hands look good now however I'm seeing wands, which Shaman can't use, listed for the Main hand.
By Polar Nov 14, 2012
Wands should now be removed
By Flaer02 Nov 14, 2012
Looks good.
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