By dennon01 Nov 6, 2012
It seems very odd for a character's mount count to be shown as all mounts across both factions (although it does seem to omit some, such as class specific or single character PvP mounts, but I'm not completely sure what the exclusions are). I do realize that the armory currently shows them this way, but is there a way mount counts on this site can be filtered to be only mounts usable by the proper faction?
By Polar Nov 6, 2012
I am in two minds about this. I see your logic but I also can't stop being reminded that mounts are now account-wide so they should all count.

It is pretty easy to start filtering them, but I suspect we would get some backlash if we did so.

By dennon01 Nov 7, 2012
What's odd about it is that it counts for nothing in game (in regards to the cross-faction mounts). You can't even see them in your list of mounts when logged onto a character, and they don't count toward in-game achievements or your mount count in game. Literally the only place in which this discrepancy exists is on the armory (to the point of which I wonder if it's actually a bug or oversight on Blizzard's part).
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