By Kelanis Nov 1, 2012
Just curious as to whether the progress is transferred so to speak or do we have to go back in to clear what we have? The whole guild transferred, every single player so I'm not sure how we go about that Any information to help?
By Polar Nov 2, 2012
Not sure if this is the right forum, but yes, your progress history should get picked up with your new guild. Just be sure to use the "add guild" option in the tools drop-down.
By Kelanis Nov 2, 2012
Sorry I wasn't sure where to post, thanks for the information!
By Kelanis Nov 12, 2012
Hello again, sorry to bother.. not sure if this is the right spot to post it but I will.

Our guild "Connection" of Dath'Remar (US Oceanic) moved to Jubei'Thos (US Oceanic) now known as "Go"

I noticed our progression is out of whack saying we just recently got progression on the 8th.. when technically we should have the matched progression from when we were on Dath'Remar as stated above. I don't know why it's not registering it properly - could you please take a look and work out why it's not matching?
By Polar Nov 13, 2012
Hi - what progression date are you expecting to see? We can take a look, but it will fix itself up as soon as your kill your next boss.
By Kelanis Nov 28, 2012
Hi Polar,

Just an update it seemed to work correctly but we've had another guild name change - "Go" is now known as "Dishonest" - apparently had to change due to a violation..

The progress isn't counting our most recent kill in HoF (just the first boss) Is there anyway you could either just rename "Go" to update the new one?

The only thing that has changed is our name :) Thanks!
By Polar Nov 28, 2012
Let's work out why your new guild is not picking up your recent kill. It might need a little more time to recognise your members. Give it a day or two.
By Kelanis Nov 28, 2012
It's not a new guild, same guild but renamed. No idea why it's not picking it up.
By Polar Nov 28, 2012
GuildOx is treating it as a new guild. Give it a day or so for our character caches to update.
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