By Kilee Oct 31, 2012
Two things I noticed.

A couple days ago the epic items appear as white text (as opposed to purple). I liked the purple better. It's a minor concern.

Big thing I noticed is trinkets on the caster dps page.

Blossom of Pure Snow and Jade Magistrate Figurine have the same stats in the tooltip view, but different Score values.
Jade Magistrate Figurine - 1404.076
Blossom of Pure Snow - 1334.21
Should be the same.

Next is Essence of Terror. There are three versions of this trinket, but appear out of order as their tooltip looks.
Essence of Terror 509 - 1616.404
Essence of Terror 483 - 1337.404
Essence of Teror 496 - 1152

Shouldn't appear in this order.

*Note that wowhead's values for these trinkets seem off, and maybe that's where the problem happened.
By Polar Oct 31, 2012
The colors should be fixed - but I suspect your browser is still caching the old stylesheet. Try doing a ctrl-F5 on the page and see if it fixes it.

Looking in to the trinkets now.
By Polar Oct 31, 2012
How do the trinkets look now (they should be fixed)?
By Kilee Nov 1, 2012
Ah ok. I ran CCleaner to purge cookies and temp internet files. That fixed the color issue.

Trinkets look good now. Thank you!
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