By thevolget Oct 29, 2012
My guild's website's address has recently changed, however everytime I update the information on the options panel here, it still displays the old website address (

The correct address for my guild (Coup de Etat - Emerald Dream-US) should be listed as:
By Polar Oct 29, 2012
Please check the About page for info on how to change your guild site url.
By thevolget Oct 31, 2012
I've changed it via the options window, however it still shows the old site. On the options window, the guild site lists the correct site (, however when viewed normally (not looking at the options page), the site redirects to '' (and lists that as being the guild site on the ranking page).
By Polar Oct 31, 2012
From the About page:

My web site URL needs changing, how do I do this?

Contact us via the contact details below, stating your old URL, your guild name and server and the new URL.
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