By Demandred Oct 25, 2012
On US-Alleria, Dominance and Nemesìs both seem to have been given incorrect dates for their Elegon and Will of the Emperor kills.
By Demandred Oct 25, 2012
Correction, it appears it is only giving them incorrect Elegon dates.
By Polar Oct 26, 2012
Any chance you could let us know what you think the correct dates should be so we can investigate?
By Demandred Oct 27, 2012
Their members individually are showing 1 Elegon kill on the 24th(or three days ago right now - for Nemesìs) and 25th(2 days ago right now - for Dominance) in their armory recent activity.
By Demandred Oct 28, 2012
Not sure what's going on here... ok, so, now it is giving our guild (Arbelos) an incorrect {2} ranking for Will of the Emperor for our realm. We killed Will of the Emperor 4th...but we killed Elegon 2nd. I'm confused at why it's getting jumbled the way it is.
By Polar Oct 28, 2012
Arbelos is showing as 4th for Will of the Emperor:

Or am I missing something?
By Demandred Oct 29, 2012
We should be showing as 2nd for Elegon. Not Will of the Emperor. Dominance and Nemesìs both got their Elegon kill like a week later, by what was showing up on their activity feeds. Right now, it displays us as 4th, with both of those guilds getting kills on the 16th. Their kills were the 25th or 26th. Hard to tell which.

Our Will of the Emperor kill is showing up correctly. Not sure why this is only affecting Elegon.
By Polar Oct 29, 2012
No problem. We will investigate. In any event, your ranking is being calculated on your latest kill (in this case - Will of the Emperor) so your problems with Elegon is more for historical reference.
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