By Tootsiegames Oct 22, 2012
Could someone please answer this post? My last post went without any answer from an admin or someone who actually works for Facepull is 4/6 and would like to show up on the guild list for 10 man progression..guilds with lesser boss kills than us are showing up on that same list..Please fix thx
By Polar Oct 22, 2012
Please email for an explanation
By almeara Oct 23, 2012
By Fandrion Oct 23, 2012
Same here, Ruined - EU Anachronos
By Polar Oct 28, 2012
This weekend we made a change to now show guilds on the respective 10m and 25m lists based on the most recent mode that we can determine. This should get most guilds back on to the 10m or 25m lists where LFR had been done prior to normal mode.
By Qinnyan Oct 29, 2012
My guild, Antithesis Elune-US is still NOT showing on the 10 man progression list. We are NOT a 25 man guild and would like our rankings to reflect this. Thank you in advance for making this happen
By Polar Oct 29, 2012
How does it look now?
By Lummel Nov 12, 2012
Having the same problem... also a 25guild, when weve only ever done the 10man version.

Please could you have a look into this?

Kind regards

By Gilda Nov 12, 2012
Hi there,

same probleme here : my guild (The Red Babarian - Varimathras-EU) is a 10 men roster but appears has 25 !!!

By Gilda Nov 12, 2012
Sorry : read "as 25"

By Polar Nov 12, 2012
Gilda - all fixed

Lummel - please provide your guild name and server. Thanks
By Lummel Nov 16, 2012

Guild name: Çrimson Order
Server: Whisperwind US

Thank you for your time.

By Polar Nov 17, 2012
Lummel, this should be fixed now.
By Schroom Nov 23, 2012
Hi, Guild name: inHonor
Server: Kargath-EU

guild could not be found :( please help

By Polar Nov 23, 2012
Schrooms - Tools/Add Guild worked a treat:
By Polar Nov 23, 2012
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