By Satanix169 Oct 22, 2012
Just take one look at the numbers and figure it out Guildox..... How can a guilds AVERAGE RBG rating add up to be HIGHER than the guilds highest rated player? If the highest rating in a guild is 1588, you better believe that the guild AVERAGE is not 1614.......Your ranking for these stats are incorrect.
By Satanix169 Oct 22, 2012
I see the numbers have changed. Now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to ask you to update our guilds achievements points which were reported lower than what they are.
By Satanix169 Oct 22, 2012
On FACEDOWN guild achievement points mentioned above, Guildox states we have 1770, when in fact our guild has 1820.
By Satanix169 Oct 22, 2012
Ok, yes the numbers have changed for guild average rbg ratings. I understand it might be a bug, but how are you getting these numbers? When I average out the top ten players for "FACEDOWN" I get 1394 average and when I do the same for "Academy of War" I get 1362 guild average. All I'm doing is adding up the top ten ratings and dividing the total by ten.
By Polar Oct 22, 2012
My friend, there is so much here - I am losing track of the real issue.

As we posted in your other thread at, there was a bug and it was fixed just over 12 hours ago. It will take a day for all of the guilds to be updated so others may still be in queue to be corrected. It should settle down shortly.

That being said - the average is not just a simple "take the top 10 total and divide by 10". We only look at players that have logged in since the season started so if you have players that have not logged in for a while then they get ignored. There may also be a bug still kicking around so we will look into it further.

As for achievement points your guild has 1770 according to If you are seeing something different in game then you need to contact Blizzard support and get them to fix it on

Finally - we are trying to help so be nice. Being nasty about all this will only get you banned.
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