By Satanix169 Oct 19, 2012
We had a player with a rather long alt key symbol only name join our guild in the last couple of days. For some reason he will not update from WoW armory onto Guildox. I can only assume Guildox isn't recognizing the symbols. Issue? Or....I'd like to have our guild RBG rating properly updated by resolving this. thank you.
By Polar Oct 19, 2012
Please let us know the name of this toon so we can help.
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012
The guild name is FACEDOWN on Area52. We have a Warlock with a name That I can't even type out. I'm on an IPad ATM and for some reason my computer will not let me do the alt key symbols. I'll ask him to login to Guildox and post his name in a reply, but if you take a quick look in the armory you can't miss him, we only have two warlocks in guild. Soulpvp is one and Abeabeabeabeabeae (best I can type it in reg letters on this IPad) is the other, but done all in alt key symbols that make the letters touch each other back to back.
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012
Here is the armory link to the player
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012 Let's see if this fixed it to be a link
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012
You just have to select the link, left click and it will take you to the link....Hope this was helpful.
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012
Correction Select the link by highlighting it, right click highlighted link and click open link....sorry for any confusion...pretty busy arena capping guildies and wasn't very accurate
By Polar Oct 20, 2012
I went to the Add Toon option in the Tools dropdown and he added in just fine.
By Satanix169 Oct 20, 2012
Thanks Polar! dang...I must be slipping as I get older....awesome site! Thanks again and lesson learned...
By Satanix169 Oct 21, 2012
See, now the issue is that our guild average RBG rating is not updating to the new rated players added score. We have been able to add the member to our guild roster, but when I try to update his score into our change. It seems like an issue that every single member that has joined our guild has updated instantly with the "update now" option and the player with the crazy alt key name does not update into our average like all the others are doing. Our shaman lost 10 rating points and it updated instantly. The member with the alt key name joined having earned 786 RBG rating with our guild team and his rating since posting to Guildox has not changed our numbers one bit....Why is the player with the alt key name not updating as everyone else is?
By Polar Oct 22, 2012
We found a bug with the av bgr calculation and it has been fixed now
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