By Kilee Oct 15, 2012
Trying to create a loot rank and looking at helms.

Guardian Serpent Hood (iLevel 496)
-what is shown - 1876.4628
-what I get manually - 1964.68

Sky-sear Cowl (ilevel 496)
-what is shown - 2048.89
-what I get manually - 1924.83

While I realize there is some built-in value associated with meta gems, the main thing is that the Guardian Serpent Hood isn't matching the gem slot, and it's lower than it should be. I'm looking over the list and I see more helms with similar issues as this. A few days ago I reported the Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau, which I think is the same problem that's happening here.
By Polar Oct 15, 2012
The socket values for these appear to be ok.

Can you link up the URL of your template and I will take a closer look?
By Polar Oct 15, 2012
Update - found an issue with the 496 hood and it should be matching socket values now.

The Sky-sear Cowl was ok though (are you taking into account the reforge values?)
By Kilee Oct 16, 2012
That fixed it. Yeah my math may have been bad, but I knew something was weird. Thanks for all your hard work.
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