By jagganath Oct 14, 2012
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder is not showing up as killed for Sanctify of Dath'Remar-US.

Kill list for the boss after is - Four Kings with - Bartii Intervene Larrissy Qrux Vishpala

With the same five people killing Gara'jal the Spiritbinder, I've checked the and they all show 1 Gara'jal the Spiritbinder kills (Mogu'shan Vaults)

Any reason this might not be showing correctly?

By Polar Oct 14, 2012
Hi - It probably has something to do with only have 5 people out of 10 in a raid. Was this done as a raid alliance or did you pug the other 5?
By jagganath Oct 14, 2012
"How does GuildOx award boss kills/achievements?

GuildOx looks for a minimum of 4-8 characters in a single raid to earn a kill/achievement."

The kill Four Kings only had 5 people from the same guild in it, yet the kill registered.
But this has always been the case. As in the past we've only needed 5 people for 10 man kill to show up. The kill for Four Kings sorta proves that.

The only reason for this is we run 1 and a half raid teams. With the 2nd team being about 5 alts from a main team.
And again in the past the guild has shown as progressed by new kills from this 2nd team and the new kill has shown up with the List - link has shown those 5 people.

The people on these alts also haven't killed it before, so they all got the kill at the same time like Four Kings.

Thanks again for the quick reply, much appreciated.

By jagganath Oct 14, 2012
OK - So Main Team Killed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder Tonight.
But Raid List shows 3 people from the 12th of 10th (only 4 people in total)
Kill But Xinonath got the kill tonight, not on the 12th. Its shows the Raid List as Intervene Larrissy Qrux Xinonath.

So unless its using some way of picking up, not sure why this is the case, it should of been Bartii Intervene Larrissy Qrux Vishpala.

Vishpala & Xinonath are on the same account but killed the boss on two different days.

Feng the Accursed is also not showing a mode.

Nothing stressful, just odd is all.

Thanks again for your time.

By Polar Oct 15, 2012
You missed quoting the remaining:

"These characters need to earn their first-kill in this raid to qualify. If they have earned their first-kill in a PUG or from a previous guild then they will not be counted - however, once 10 players in your guild earn the kill (over any period of time) then we will award the kill but it will not count as a 10m or 25m kill."

The challenge for Feng is that LFR is counting as a first-kill for normal mode - I assume that most of you went and killed him on LFR prior to killing him on normal. Consequently, you are being picked up by the "x kills over time" detection and it explains why there is no mode listed.

As for Gara'jal - I suspect it is related. I am glad that it is at least detecting the kill. The fact that it is listing a couple of wrong people is something I will look into more.
By loxodon Oct 18, 2012
I think we have the same problem in our guild (flemingard EU Eonar)

We did LFR before we started raiding in 10m, does this mean we'll never get kills for the first bosses?
We did however killed stone guards twice with full guild group. ?o update as of yet :(


By Polar Oct 18, 2012
Fleminguard is showing a Stone Guard kill:
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