By jnewcomer1989 Oct 12, 2012
In archimonde-us they are counting guild LFR kills for 10 man and are ranked first please fix bug
By Polar Oct 13, 2012
This should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any other issues.
By venturecoguy Oct 17, 2012
Hello -

LFR seems to be counting on The Venture Co-US as well. Could this be fixed?

By Polar Oct 17, 2012
Can you provide specifics on which guild and which boss is counting LFR and I will investigate? Just saying "on realm x" does not help me pinpoint any issues. Thanks
By venturecoguy Oct 18, 2012
On the Venture Co-US:

Hallowed Remnants - is showing a Four Kings kill which looks like LFR.

Divine Vengeance - showing 4 kills all on 25 man, yet no kills on regular on any of the listed players

By Polar Oct 19, 2012
Is this looking better now on The Venture Co?
By venturecoguy Oct 19, 2012
Divine Vengeance is still showing boss kills. Looking at armory of roster, no kills have been done other than LFR yet it is still showing 4 kills on the first 4 bosses.

Others looks good.

Thank you !
By Polar Oct 19, 2012
Divine Vengeance updated
By sgath Oct 20, 2012
The same thing is happening on US-aerie peak. Many of the 1/16 guilds have Four Kings kills listed when they have no other bosses in the raid completed.
By Polar Oct 21, 2012
We cleared out the erroneous Four Kings kills and reset the scores.
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