By zeozordon Oct 12, 2012
Good Day

Our guild is not updating the latest kills for some reason I have run updates about 3 times now with no luck getting it to rank us for last nights kill, here is our link Please can someone give me advice on how to get it fixed?

By zeozordon Oct 12, 2012
ok Just confirmed this must be a bug all other sites like wow progress and so on has recorded our Kill on the second boss from last night and still nothing from Guild ox. Can I pelase get some help with this. Thanks
By Polar Oct 13, 2012
I am seeing kills at all different times from a small handful of your guild members. It looks as though you were not in the same raid. Is this the case?
By zeozordon Oct 13, 2012
Nope We got our GuildRaid Chalange as Well here is Screenshot from guild pane:

and you cant get a guild kill without at least 8 guild members.
By Polar Oct 13, 2012
Fixed now
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