By meneldill Sep 28, 2012
Since we now have duplicates of our pets, the pet ranking isn't very useful. Eventually most will hit the cap of 500 but that doesn't indicate the level of work put into finding all the different pets. Because of alts' pets, I had 10+ of the same pet in some instances (before I released or boxed them to clear space).

What would be a more true ranking is unique pets. But since that might be more of a pain to figure out, you could simply rank based on the number of pets that are "not collected" and then sort lowest to highest.
By Polar Sep 30, 2012
Well not exactly a bug (since this is the way that Blizzard are reporting pet totals via their API). We will consider your request.

Anyone else have thoughts to share on the matter?
By Polar Oct 29, 2012
We now filter out duplicate pets. It will take a day or so for most of the toons to get updated with new data.
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