By mlhockett Sep 20, 2012
For my druid leadweight@terokkar it showsh him as feral / balance for specs when he is balance / Resto. I have updated him on the site. It's been a good year since I was the combo listed :)
By Polar Sep 20, 2012
Hi - I can't see where it is showing him as feral? Can you help me with more info. It seems to correctly show him at Balance on the toon page:
By mlhockett Sep 21, 2012
It may be a bug in the alt detection also as I see it when I look at either minireaper@terokkar or böllüx@grizzly hills. On both of those it shows him as my alt, but shows feral balance as the icons instead of balance resto.
By Polar Sep 21, 2012
Hi there, your toon:

The first symbol for Leadweight (in the alts) indicates that he is a druid, not specifically that he is Feral. The second symbol indicates that his current spec is Balance.

This appears to be working as intended. Let me know otherwise.
By mlhockett Sep 21, 2012
ahh.. I understand now, sorry about the confusion. Thank you for the clairification.
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