By Layne66 Sep 19, 2012
I followed the steps and logged into my toons and the option in the interface is unchecked and it's not detecting any of my alts when I check my main.
By Polar Sep 19, 2012
Any chance you could list some of your toon names so we can investigate?
By Layne66 Sep 20, 2012

By Layne66 Sep 20, 2012
oh all on trollbane
By Polar Sep 20, 2012
Hi - for 3 of them, you needed to hit the "update" option on their guildox page since they had not been updated for a while.

For Layne, the achievement points don't match your other toons. I assume you have not gone into the game recently to get the ach points updated.
By Layne66 Sep 20, 2012
That's really strange, because Layne is my main, so I logged into him first. Do you have to actually look at your achievements when you log in? Because I only looked at my achievements on like 2 other toons.
By Layne66 Sep 20, 2012
I have more alts than that as well, and they haven't been added as well.
By Layne66 Sep 20, 2012
I looked and updated all my toons and it works, but not exactly, 8 alts are being linked together, while my main and my death knight are connected only to each other.
By Polar Sep 20, 2012
Layne - can you go to the site for each of them and check what achievement points are shown?
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