By titosantana Sep 6, 2012
My guild finally took down Heroic Spine on our way to make that final push to get the full Heroic DS clear before MOP. As any good Guild Leader would do , I ran to guildox to update our guild. It's been eight days now, and still no luck of it being detected. It was a full 10 man guild kill. Is this a problem with the new patch?
By Polar Sep 6, 2012
How many of these 10 players got their very first kill of heroic spine that raid night?

What is your guild name and server?
By titosantana Sep 7, 2012
It was all of us that got our first DW spine kill (as far as I know) and it was 10/10 guild

we are Horde
Guild: Intensity
Realm: Ner'zhul-US

it was a glorious night!
By Polar Sep 7, 2012
Should be showing now. Thanks
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